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She told me to go with her to bring a table from the last room. While we were going, due to lack of attention, she struck with a wall and first two button of her gown broke due to the nail on the wall, but she didn’t notice that. When we went to the table, she bend to lift the table and there her treasure was in front of me. Suddenly her leg struck with table and she moaned with pain and she started massaging her leg by bending. I went to her and asked her whether it was painful. As I bent in front of her I saw almost her full boobs because she didn’t have bra inside. They were amazing and my dick got straight up being hard rock. After some time she felt okay and we lifted the table and whenever she bents I kept watching her deep valley.

After putting the table in that room she said me to bring a stool. She climbed up the stool and told me to hold its one leg. I set down and hold the leg and as I watched up I saw her white panty and her beautiful milky thighs, and my dick was increasing with full speed. As the stool got a bit imbalance she smiled at me and told to hold it properly. I replied her with smile. Suddenly she fell down from the stool and I tried to hold her but in doing so I also fell down with her. During this whole process her breasts touched me so many time and once in holding her I placed my hand on her panty also. When we both fell down I was up on her and we both were laughing. In this position I touched her breasts with my hand but she didn’t notice as she was busy laughing. After some moments she realized my weight on her and with a bit moaning and in sexy tone she told me to find an escort Berlin. I still could not gather enough courage to propose her for sex as she was not a woman who will easily get ready for this. After heaving a tea she good-byed me and I had to leave.

Now I started thinking how to get her. We had a chapter in science about human body’s sexual organs. Following my idea, I remain absent during that chapter giving reason of illness. When I started the tuition back I requested her to teach the chapter and she agreed. She further told me that it was very important chapter not only for exams but also for life. She called me that evening at 7.30 pm. That evening my parents went out of city for a wedding for 4 days. When I reached her home she was packing a bag and I became sad thinking that she might be going out. She told me to sit for a while. I set for about half an hour and then her husband came from office. I thought they both were going out but then she told me that her husband was going out with her son. Now I was very happy.

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It is not a story but a fact of my life. I was in std. 10 at that time. I was very good at studies. I had tuition of my school teacher. Her name was Mrs. Srini. She was a teacher of maths and science. I had very good impression on her as a student. But I was very much impressed by her body, especially by her boobs. They were very good and perfect in shape and size. I didn’t have bad eyes over her when I joined her tuition. My interest in her started after some days of joining the tuition. I will tell how it happened. She used to call us at her home for tuition. We were 14 students in our batch. We used to sit on the floor and she used to have sex in Prague.

Once while teaching maths she gave us a problem to solve. I could do about half of the problem and then I got a bit confused so I asked her what to do further. She came to me and since I was sitting on the floor she bend towards me to explain me the problem. Suddenly she got ‘khujli’ (itching) on the lower side of her neck and as her hand went to her neck my eyes went there. I saw her big and well shaped boobs. I could not see them fully. Even I could not see her nipples but I saw the big and deep valley created by her two big mountain like boobs. She had all her attention in the problem and I had mine in her valley. This was the day which made me eager about her. Now on every day I kept trying to watch either her gully (valley) or her boobs or her thighs or her chut. Though I had not been lucky enough to watch her nipples or her panty. But I kept trying to see it. She had taken total hold of my dreams. I fucked her every night in my dreams.

Once I could not go to tuition and when I reached there next day no one of my batch was present there. She was cleaning her home as diwali was just after some days and so she gave a day off to all the students. I didn’t know that due to absence of previous day. She was alone at home. She surprised to see me. But then she reminded of my absence on previous day. She was in her off-white sleeveless nightie. First time I saw her white milky full hands. She had tucked the bottom of her night-gown up into her panties so that she could walk freely. It was that much up that I was able to watch lower part of her thighs. I asked her, “Can I help you ma’am?” She replied, “No, I will do it. Don’t worry.” I said, “I don’t have any work to do. I would be happy to help you.” She said OK.

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My name is Sharmila and I am from India. It is my real true sex story which I need to share with anyone, but in my country on person is for this purpose. It is a story of about one month ago it was my husband’s birthday and he called me from his office to get ready in night for a party. I was ready in night and when he came to home there were three of his friends with him. He asked me to give them dinner and after this they went together in the TV room and start watching an XXX movie and drink. I feel uncomfortable there and go to my bedroom. It was a little hot and I decided to have a bath. When I came out from bath it was dark in my bedroom. I was amazed on it and when I switch on the light, I was really shocked. I saw one of my husband’s friends was standing in front of me in born dress. He was fully naked. I saw on him and amazed that why he was in my room in this position, but suddenly I came to know that they all were in my room and they all were naked. I saw to my husband he was also smiling. Then he comes to me and asked me that was I ready for a party?

I asked him what kind of party he wanted in that position. He replied that he celebrated his birthday with his friends as wild sex party and he invited his office friends for this purpose, but unfortunately they did not find any call girl for that party. Because of this reason they wanted me for a wild sex whole night. As I loved my husband very much and when he asked me to have sex with his friends I have no reason to deny, and it was also my fantasy to have a group sex and now it is going true with the help of my own husband. I was ready for group sex.

First of all they go for a play. My husband bid for me and his friends gave their bids for sex with me. The highest bid for me is 1000 Rupees at EscortFox. He came to me and asked me pull down his jeans. I obey him because he has won me in bid. All other person were sit beside us and watching us. Harish gave his rock hard cock in my hand and asked me to play with it. I like the size and rubbed the cock very well with my soft hands. After some time Harish asked me to suck his cock. I go for it and it is quite a different experience for me. It was so tasty. I sucked his rod very well and in only 5 minutes I feel some saltish fluid in my mouth. It was Harish’s cum. He was so amaze why he cum in my mouth after only 5 min but it was my tongue that force Harish to cum.

Second bid was 700 Rupees. It was from Mehal. He was so big he came to me and say no word to me. He put me on carpet in front of my husband and pull my legs in opposite direction and insert his 10-inch-long rod in my wet pussy and started me fucking hard with a wild sound. It is a different experience for me to face a strong cock in that position. I enjoy the every stroke very well and asked him to fuck me hard. All of my husband’s friends and my husband also enjoy it. After 10 minutes long enjoyment, Mehal cum into my pussy. It was very hot. I feel very good for this and thank him for this.