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My dick was increasing with full speed

It is not a story but a fact of my life. I was in std. 10 at that time. I was very good at studies. I had tuition of my school teacher. Her name was Mrs. Srini. She was a teacher of maths and science. I had very good impression on her as a student. But I was very much impressed by her body, especially by her boobs. They were very good and perfect in shape and size. I didn’t have bad eyes over her when I joined her tuition. My interest in her started after some days of joining the tuition. I will tell how it happened. She used to call us at her home for tuition. We were 14 students in our batch. We used to sit on the floor and she used to have sex in Prague.

Once while teaching maths she gave us a problem to solve. I could do about half of the problem and then I got a bit confused so I asked her what to do further. She came to me and since I was sitting on the floor she bend towards me to explain me the problem. Suddenly she got ‘khujli’ (itching) on the lower side of her neck and as her hand went to her neck my eyes went there. I saw her big and well shaped boobs. I could not see them fully. Even I could not see her nipples but I saw the big and deep valley created by her two big mountain like boobs. She had all her attention in the problem and I had mine in her valley. This was the day which made me eager about her. Now on every day I kept trying to watch either her gully (valley) or her boobs or her thighs or her chut. Though I had not been lucky enough to watch her nipples or her panty. But I kept trying to see it. She had taken total hold of my dreams. I fucked her every night in my dreams.

Once I could not go to tuition and when I reached there next day no one of my batch was present there. She was cleaning her home as diwali was just after some days and so she gave a day off to all the students. I didn’t know that due to absence of previous day. She was alone at home. She surprised to see me. But then she reminded of my absence on previous day. She was in her off-white sleeveless nightie. First time I saw her white milky full hands. She had tucked the bottom of her night-gown up into her panties so that she could walk freely. It was that much up that I was able to watch lower part of her thighs. I asked her, “Can I help you ma’am?” She replied, “No, I will do it. Don’t worry.” I said, “I don’t have any work to do. I would be happy to help you.” She said OK.